We specialize in material handling equipment for all applications.  
    Pack Mfg. Co. was founded by Jerry and Regenia Pack in 1994 and has sustained steady growth since then. Regenia’s background in finance and human resources began in 1972. At the same time Jerry began his career in Engineering and metal fabrication aimed at the Nursery and Greenhouse industry. Together this has made a winning team.

    Our core group has over 75 years combined experience in metal fabrication and building material handling equipment. Our team of dedicated engineering personnel and skilled craftsmen give each machine their personal attention to make sure it is the very best. We stand behind our work and take great pride in our finished products.

    Address:     1219 Belmont Dr. McMinnville, TN 37110
    Email:    sales@packmfg.com     Contact:   Jerry Pack
    Phone:    931-473-9980   FAX:  931-473-1604


    Watering Conveyor  
    Pack Manufacturing Water Conveyors are the perfect compliment to automated planting lines that need to be watered during the filling process. The water rails are adjustable to accommodate different height plants. The conveyors are made to work with any other automated piece for Pack Mfg. Co. equipment. Our Watering Conveyors can be made in any width or length desired, allow for full control over speed and water delivery. Timers will allow you to choose how long the water runs, and sensors will cut the water off when no plants are present to avoid waste. Pack Mfg. Co. Watering Conveyors give the operator full control over the watering process. The operator controls which rails provide water, how much water is delivered, and how many plants are watered over time. Call Pack Manufacturing today to speak with one of our knowledgeable reps to make your new or existing production lines more efficient.

    PM420 Bucker Trimmer  
    The Pack Manufacturing Company's PM420 Bucking and Trimming system can do the work of 10 hand trimmers in the same amount of time. The PM420 system delivers a consistently high quality trim every time. The perfect investment to reduce labor costs and time to market for large grow operations.

    Pioneer Filler

    The Pack Manufacturing Pioneer Filler™ is the Newest Economy Flat and Pot Filling system for all your container growing needs. The Pack Manufacturing Pioneer Filler™ is designed with the beginning small business in mind.

    As you are pioneering your new horticultural venture, the Pioneer Filler™ is there to make sure your new business has all the tools it needs for success. This machine is designed to AFFORDABLY produce 1500 flats per hour and 950 five-gallon pots per hour. The Pioneer Filler™ is 100% Plug and Play, so as you build capital and expand your operations, your new equipment will automatically work with your existing Pioneer Filler™. The Pioneer Filler™ works from a standard 230 VAC plug, so you will not need any expensive changes to your facility’s infrastructure. If you are ready to go to work filling your containers and flats in the most efficient way, look no further for an affordable solution with consistent quality and vastly reduced labor requirements. Pioneer Filler™ comes equipped with all the standard features included, and any premium or custom feature can be added. The Pack Manufacturing Company is offering all this with the lowest price tag in the industry! 

    PM20 Combination Mixer and Flat Filler

    Deciding which jobs to automate and which jobs to do manually can be a challenge. Pack Manufacturing is making that decision easier with the PM20 Mixer and Flat Filler.

    The compact Pack Manufacturing PM20 Combination Mixer and Flat Filler is an economical solution for new or small grow operations. This innovative new design combines the functionality of a batch mixer with a high volume mobile flat filler. The PM20 is equipped with a 1 cubic yard hopper and an integrated internal mixer. A clear polycarbonate lid allows you to watch your media mix and provides the additional safety feature of an automatic cut-off if the lid is opened. Standard features on the PM20 include an adjustable rotary brush, adjustable pot sweep, auger soil return, and a 15-inch-wide filling conveyor. The Pack Manufacturing PM20 is utilitarian, compact and versatile- capable of filling about any container type including liner trays, nursery pots, and hanging baskets. Many customization options are available for a piece of truly unique equipment to fit your operations. Instead of spending limited capital on manual labor, make an investment that will repay you many times over in increased productivity and lower costs.


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