TurfMAX™ -- This soil treatment is especially formulated for your lawn, sod, stolons and seed.
GardenMAX™ -- This soil treatment is especially formulated for anything growing in your garden bed. Flowers, trees, shrubs and veggies all flourish with an application of GardenMAX™.

PenMAX PLUS™ is a fast-acting soil penetrant formulated to loosen soil compaction, drain standing water, and flush salts through the soil. The dual action of PenMAX PLUS™ works in both physically and chemically compacted soils meaning that it will work inevery soil type. Using a non-alcohol base, PenMAX PLUS™ acts as a “turbocharger” for beneficial soil microbes that bring numerous lasting benefits. This product is non-toxic and child, pet & environmentally safe when used as directed.

NutriPak Give your plants that added boost they crave. NutriPak has a revolutionary method of continuously delivering plant food to the root zone -right where your plants need it most. Using a microperforated and biodegradable packet, NutriPak slowly releases plant food for up to three years! The smart controlled-release technology helps ensure all the nutrients are absorbed by plant roots instead of running off into the environment. NutriPak is like a vitamin supplement that is always available tothe plant. Trees and shrubs get the boost of growth they need for three full years.

    Turning The Places You Love, Into Places Plants Love To Grow!  
    OUR PURPOSE -- Growing remains at the heart of who we are and in the products we offer. Whether this is your first season in the garden or you’re a seasoned pro, we love taking you on the journey that connects you with nature and allows you to always keep growing!

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