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    GardenTech® is the exclusive marketer of proprietary, highly effective lawn and garden pesticide products to the U.S. consumer market. GardenTech® brands Sevin® Brand Insecticide, Over'n Out® Fire Ant Killer, Daconil® Fungicide, and RootBoost™ are all highly respected by trade professionals, retailers, Master Gardeners, county agents, and homeowners. We're proud to be associated with these excellent brands, and stand behind our products 100 percent.

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    Transform cuttings into strong, healthy flower plants.

    When it comes to planting, you shouldn’t moderate when you propagate. RootBoost will help by turning simple cuttings into new plants. Cut as close to the base on existing healthy plants as possible. Once planted in the recommended soil mixture, the cuttings will root and can be transferred to new soil as needed. RootBoost only works on cuttings and has no effect on established plants.

    • This product boosts root growth on cuttings when propagating plants for new growth

    Sizes Available

    2 oz. bottle

    Q : What is Sevin®?

     A: GardenTech® Sevin® containing carbaryl is the most effective insecticide on the market. Consumers and professionals have trusted Sevin® for 50 years to control a wide variety of insects. Sevin® provides the consumer with the broadest spectrum of control, killing more insects in more places versus other leading brands.


    Q : What types of Sevin® are available?

     A: Sevin® is available in a dust, granular, concentrate, Ready-To-Use, and Ready-To-Spray formulations.


    Q : What is the active ingredient in Sevin®?

     A: Carbaryl is the active ingredient in Sevin®.


    Q : How does Sevin® control insects?

    A: Sevin® has a dual mode-of-action. It works on contact and through ingestion. Sevin® is non-systemic, which means it does not penetrate plant tissue. After controlling the targeted pest, Sevin® is easily broken down in the environment. 


    Q : When is the best time to apply Sevin®?

    A: You can apply Sevin® throughout the growing season with short pre-harvest intervals. For more details, refer to the product label section. 


    Q : How many tablespoons are in an ounce?

    A: 2 tablespoons are in 1 ounce.


    Q : Will Sevin® control all insects?

    A: Sevin® controls numerous insects, depending on the product form. To view a complete listing of  insects controlled, please refer to the product labels.


    Q : Can I apply on new sod/newly-seeded areas?

    A: Yes, you can apply Sevin® to new sod or newly-seeded areas. Just keep in mind that you may wash away any seed that has not yet taken root if you have to water the product after application or if you are applying a heavy liquid solution. (Granules and dust products only.)


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