It's All About The Roots.  
    Jiffy is the leading global supplier of propagation systems, hydroponic systems, natural growing containers and substrates for any type of plant propagation and cultivation enterprises big or small. Our solutions have no limits based on plant type. We use renewable resources and bio-based materials such as peat, coconut coir, pulp and other bio-mass. We abide by the highest industry standards in order to both safeguard the environment and supply the highest-quality, in many cases certified, products to our customers.


    The Jiffy-7 , Jiffy-7C, Carefree and Preforma are designed with mechanical handling of the product in mind before sticking as well as the rooted end-product. Jiffy pellets are well suited to run through an Expandomatic, automatically expanding the pellets ready for use. All pellet products can be delivered as Jiffy ‘Carrier-System' to make the most use of your existing automation systems.

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    About Jiffy

    Jiffy International AS, headquartered in Kristiansand Norway is the leading worldwide supplier of environmentally friendly propagation systems, hydroponic systems, growing containers and substrates for the horticultural industry. Utilizing renewable resources and bio-based materials such as peat, coir, pulp and other bio-mass, Jiffy has been on the forefront of sustainability for many years.

    Jiffy is a globally operating company and has manufacturing locations strategically located near peat bogs in Canada, Denmark, Estonia and Norway, producing substrates, peat pots and Jiffy-7 pellet propagation systems. Jiffy harvests its own peat on bogs in Sweden, the Baltic and Canada; blends quality mixes in the Netherlands, Estonia and Canada, produces the Preforma bonded plugs in the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Japan and manufactures a complete line of coir products at our own facilities in Sri Lanka.
    Jiffy abides by the highest standards both safeguarding the environment as well as providing the highest quality, in many cases certified products, to its customer. The professional grower of today relies on the best technical assistance for the products chosen as inputs in their businesses.

    Our Account Managers have all solid backgrounds and experience in the horticultural industry and have the knowledge to provide professional answers to tough application questions, backed-up by Jiffy Product Managers, having an integral knowledge of each of the products Jiffy supplies.

    Our Customer Service departments based in the Netherlands and the USA provide the service and support our customers need.
    Additional regional and local Jiffy distributors’ worldwide offer nearby sources for our product line almost anywhere in the world. Superior products, prompt service and technical support on a global scale to the horticultural industry, that is what Jiffy is about.


    Jiffy offers a wide range of products to the horticultural industry worldwide assuring there is a propagation media available for almost any crop and any application, even when a highly automated system is in place.

    The Jiffy-7 , Jiffy-7C, Carefree and Preforma are designed with mechanical handling of the product in mind before sticking as well as the rooted end-product. Jiffy pellets are well suited to run through an Expandomatic, automatically expanding the pellets ready for use. All pellet products can be delivered as Jiffy ‘Carrier-System' to make the most use of your existing automation systems.

    The Preforma system is the most flexible system available, you choose your preferred tray, you choose your preferred media, Jiffy will deliver you the ‘Preformed' Preforma plug ready to stick.

    Jiffypot, a 100% bio-degradable plant container has many applications in the horticultural business as well

    Jiffy manufactures it's products worldwide at different locations tto ensure our customers their preferred propagation media is available no matter where the location might be.


    The Jiffy-7 pellet is the original, ‘container and media in one' concept designed by Jiffy proven successful in many propagation applications in the Horticulture.

    Over time, the original Jiffy-7 has become available in many different sizes, pre-loaded in trays and strips, as well as being available on poly-roll. The concept of the Jiffy-7 makes for easy cost effective transportation, storage and handling. Rooted cuttings in Jiffy-7 are automation friendly, easy to ship and transplant fast without transplant shock.

    Jiffy-7 is now available with 100% bio-degradable PLA netting making them the best possible product when to be used for field transplanting or any application where the original netting is not suitable.


    The 7C-series of pellets have been designed by Jiffy to aid the grower propagating under highly stressing climatic conditions avoid water logging of the rooting media. Jiffy-7C offers the convenience of the proven Jiffy-7 ‘media and container in one' system combined with the benefits of a highly aerated easily drainable coir substrate.

    If a peat-free alternative is required for any propagation job, the Jiffy-7C will be the obvious choice to any propagator as Jiffy-7C is derived from pithy tissues of coconut husks, a renewable and environmentally friendly material.

    The Jiffy-7C is manufactured under Jiffy's stringent quality requirements and have been given the RHP certification meaning all substrate used in the production process undergoes strict cleaning and structural optimization standards that will make each Jiffy-7C pellet a stable and controlled environment for the propagation of all kind of plants from seeds, cuttings or tissue culture

    The fast expansion of the Jiffy-7C translates into fast and easy sticking of cuttings. Being enclosed in a minimal netting, allowing optimal root development and root penetration at the same time providing adequate strength to support the root ball during handling shipping and transplanting secures no transplant shock and less losses.


    Mainly available on the North American market is the Carefree pellet.

    Carefree could be best described as a ‘premium Jiffy-7' offering all the benefits of Jiffy-7 in handling and automation, with the addition of valuable amendments securing added drainage, less leaching of fertilizer and compact growth. The ‘Carefree Carrier' series is a combination of tray and strip, specially designed to work with most types of automation equipment in the modern horticultural environment. The trays make it possible to handle single and double strips in an expandomatic to expand the pellets, as well as running on the sticking line. On the bench, the strips can be spaced out to achieve optimal rooting and, once rooted, replaced on the trays for shipping and handling.


    Jiffypots are available in many sizes, from small 'plugs' (as shown below) to 13cm (5") in diameter.  Being comprised of peat and woodfiber that allow roots to grow through the pot wall, these pots make for the ovious choice in many Horticultural applications.

    A peat-free powerhouse
    The Jiffy Growbag is the most powerful multipurpose growing medium available on the market today. With a vast range of options in terms of drainage, porosity, and format, you are sure to find the perfect growbag for your needs. All Jiffy Growbags are available in Finesse – our famed premium quality, and Essence – our budget choice. They come in various rectangular or bag-shaped configurations, with different substrate recipe options – High Yield, Husk Chip, and 50-50.


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