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Roundup (Scotts) -- Weed & Grass Killer

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    Kill Weeds to the Root
    No matter what your weed control need is, RoundupĀ® brand has the solution ---- Kill Weeds & Grass; Kill & Prevent Weeds & Grass; Kill Poison Ivy & Tough Brush; Kill Tree Stumps. Don't Pull Weeds and Grasses, Prevent Them! RoundupĀ® Landscape Weed Preventer prevents weeds and grasses for up to 6 months, Guaranteed!* It works by forming a weed barrier to stop weeds before they start. For best results, apply directly to soil around plants in Spring before weeds germinate and before mulching. Won't harm your desirable plants and flowers when used as directed! The easy to use built-in applicator provides even coverage. Now you can save time and energy with RoundupĀ® Landscape Weed Preventer. A simple step towards a weed free landscape and garden!

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