Organic gardening is now mainstream gardening.
    Our mission is to support organic gardeners. We understand and value the organic movement and how quickly it is it evolving. We knew 23 years ago that we were going to take this epic journey that was going to take us to a fantastic place. Here we are!

    We understand and value the high-energy natural & organic movement. Our hard work and vision has contributed to its incredible growth. As we make great investments in our future and the future of natural & organic, we welcome progressive gardeners to join us. Our products are considered people & pet safe because we do not use ingredients such as biosolids, or composted household waste, or synthetic chemicals which can bring additional health risks to your garden. We will never use any ingredients that might cheapen the integrity of our products.

    A 100% organic & natural line of pro-biotic soils & fertilizers along with 100% organic essential oil based insecticides, fungicides and snail killer sprays. All soils, blended fertilizers and single ingredient fertilizers are infused with seven champion strains of beneficial microbes and fungi for optimum organic plant and soil health.

    Address:     P.O. Box 460 Winters, CA 95694
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    Phone:    (707) 448-4676    FAX:     (707) 448-4760



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