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Flexon -- Lawn & Garden Hoses

Patented Guard-N-Grip, Kink-Free hose
For over 50 years, Flexon Industries has maintained a standard of quality, performance and durability within our product line of lawn & garden hoses. Flexon carries a wide range of hoses suited for homeowners all the way up to professional gardeners. We also carry a wide range of specialty items including: boat & camper hoses, sprinkler/soaker hoses as well as rubber hoses for agricultural purposes. Flexon has a hose for you MADE TO LAST!

1. What is this Prop 65 Warning I see on the packaging?

Prop 65 is the “California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act” of 1986. This claims that the manufacturer must include a warning when certain regulated materials are in a product that is sold in California. Since some hoses use recycled materials and some extremely small traces of lead may be in these materials ( lead is one of the materials on prop 65 list ), Flexon wanted to be in full compliance and include the warning. Lead is never knowingly used in making the hose. Flexon always highly recommends that you allow water to run through your hose and flush out any stagnant water that may be in the hose so the water is clean and fresh. Drinking Water Safehoses are available as well and usually cost more if this is a concern for you.

2. What is the best way to start using my hose ?

That is a great question. You will get a lot more life and easy use if you start using your hose the proper way. 

3. I love the Guard-N-Grip, tell me more about it ?

The patented Guard-N-Grip from Flexon has been a great feature and benefit for their consumers. It is available on numerous hoses and is ergonomically designed for the ultimate “ease of use”. It also protects the female fitting from being crushed, and mainly allows everyone to tighten their hose to the faucet so it will be leak proof connection. Best of all, the Guard-N-Grip connector has been recognized by the Arthrtitis Foundation as an “easy to use” product.

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