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Gilmour -- Garden Hose, Tank Sprayers, Pruning Tools

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    Traditional Products for Quality Results
    Gilmour is an innovative developer and manufacturer of four full lines of American-made lawn and garden products. Focused on the gardener’s needs, the company creates tools that are efficient, effective, comfortable and easy to use. The company has more than 300 years combined history in the lawn and garden industry. Each original business brought under the company’s leadership is known for quality and innovation in its product category. They were brought together in a series of acquisitions by Vermont American Corporation in the 1980s. Gilmour is now part of Robert Bosch Tool Company.

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    For a beautiful lawn and garden, proper watering is essential. With Gilmour watering tools you have a wide selection that is sure to make the job a pleasure.
    No matter the size or shape of your lawn, Gilmour has a sprinkler to fit your needs. In fact, Pattern Master™ sprinklers can even be customized to fit the shape of your lawn.
    No more watering where it’s not needed!

    A good hose nozzle is a staple of every gardener’s toolbox. With Select-A-Spray™ models, a quick turn of the dial provides the exact spray pattern you need.

    For results, savings and convenience, nothing beats an automatic water timer. Gilmour electronic and mechanical timers make watering easy and ecological.


    Truly revolutionary, Flexogen’s patented 8-ply construction sets the standard for quality in garden hoses. Recognized by longtime gardeners and pros alike,
    Flexogen© is exceptionally rugged, able to withstand the hottest and coldest days.

    With all this strength, it still is remarkably lightweight, flexible and easy to coil. It handles nicely in any weather, resisting kinks, abrasions, stains
    and mildew. Our promise: “It’s the last hose you’ll ever buy.”

    The innovation behind Flexogen goes into all of our hoses and hose accessories. Whether it’s a soaking hose, space-saving marine hose or commercial-grade
    rubber hose, Gilmour is the leader in long-life performance.


    Fertilizing, treating weeds, applying deck stains, stripping wallpaper – there’s no end to the jobs made easier with a Gilmour sprayer. With convenient features
    other brands can’t match, Gilmour takes innovation to new levels.

    Forget pumping and heavy lifting. For the ultimate in convenience, try our Wheel Pump Sprayer. It pressurizes as you walk or roll it back and forth. The wheels
    carry the weight. The wand conveniently stores inside the handle for neat storage. What could be easier?

    If you’re in the market for a premium traditional sprayer, you should know that Gilmour tanks have more actual capacity than most comparable tanks.
    The beauty is in the details: ultraviolet-resistant tank, extra-wide mouth for easy filling, extra-long hose, pivoting handle for easy carrying and a cap design
    that safely releases pressure downward.

    Hose-end sprayers offer easy, precise chemical mixing. A turn of the dial gives you the required dilution.

    Gilmour’s sprayer line includes a wide variety of models for light and industrial uses, all great values.

    Tank Sprayers

    The Gilmour Experience
    Gilmour exists to meet the needs of serious gardeners and homeowners who demand the very best for their lawns and gardens. Over the course of several decades, we have developed some of the most innovative tools on the market for pruning, trimming, watering, fertilizing, chemical application and cleaning. The quality of our products is unsurpassed, and we make it a point to offer environmentally friendly products that help customers use natural resources responsibly.

    A Reliable Past

    Gilmour has a combined 350 years of lawn and garden experience, providing superior quality service. The Gilmour reputation for this quality and value begins with developing new and innovative ideas for lawn and garden care products, and on-going improvements in our existing products. It continues with constant research and testing. Advanced production methods using quality materials combine with our greatest resource, Gilmour people — skilled and dedicated men and women. The result: reliable, hard-working, long-lasting products that bring customers in and keep them coming back.

    A Solid Future!
    Gilmour strives to maintain a superior level of quality products that meet and exceed expectations of our consumers. The interest in the environment is increasing everyday. We’re doing our part, both in what we make, and how we make it. Gilmour’s new product and packaging programs will continue commitment efforts to a greener earth, greener lawns, but most of all growing our relationships which means more green for your bottom line. Today’s business environment can be very challenging. Gilmour will strive to provide the tools to create success. We are continuing to focus on turnaround times, fill rates and shipping orders complete for efficiency and faster service, while providing your customers with a name they can consistently depend on.

    Pruning Tools

    In 1850 Seymour Smith and Son founded a firm to manufacture assorted kinds of hardware. An acquisition of a pruning tool company led to what would become the company’s main product line. The name Snap-Cut was well known as America’s first anvil hand pruner, as it was such a “snap” to use. Continuing on the path of innovation, the company introduced such products as the first gear-driven lopping shears, gear-driven pole pruners and vertical sweep grass shears.

    Tank Sprayers

    Universal Metal products first opened its doors in 1935. Their first sprayers, made of metal, were introduced in the 1940s. A series of acquisitions and the ability to manufacture plastic led to the introduction of the first polyethylene sprayers. These sprayers featured the name “Yard Doc,” which was later changed to “Spray Doc.”

    Product designs continually improved and now include such important features as pressure-release valves, leak-resistant seals, wide tank mouths for ease of maintenance and a cap that safely releases pressure.

    Garden Hose

    The plant that makes “the last hose you’ll ever buy” was a much different business when it was founded in 1947. Although they were plastic, the products were injection-molded parts for everything from can opener housings to pantyhose containers and car parts. Several different owners added other capabilities, including the production of garden hoses. With a focus on garden hoses, the company set the standard for quality with the introduction of its patented Flexogen hose.

    Watering Products

    Watering changed forever in 1949 when Robert Gilmour began Gilmour Manufacturing Company and introduced the first pistol grip nozzle. A new owner would continue the focus on quality and innovation. Other Gilmour firsts include the original clamshell-style hose repair, the exceptionally adjustable Pattern Master sprinklers, Select-A-Spray nozzles, no-pre-mix sprayers and rotor sprinklers with multi-jet nozzles.