Nation's oldest & largest manufacturer of indoor gardening supplies
    Hydrofarm designs and manufactures indoor grow lights, hydroponic equipment, climate control products, growing media and a variety of other plant care goods. Our brands include Phantom, Autopilot, Active Aqua, Xtrasun, Active Air, Quantum, Digilux, Raptor, Daystar and more. In addition to our own brands, we also distribute products from the top companies in the year round gardening marketplace. Our distribution centers are located across the country and around the world

    Address: 2249 S. McDowell Ext. Petaluma, CA 94954
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    Committed to Wholesale

    Whether you’re new to Hydrofarm or a long-term customer, you may be curious about why we remain committed to remaining a wholesale-only vendor. It may seem limiting for us only to sell to retailers, but we are here to serve our buyers, not compete with them. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t even operate retail stores. The only way for the general public to buy Hydrofarm products is through retailers like you. We’re here to support your growing business 100% of the way.

    Hydrofarm Quality

    Our products incorporate only premium quality components, and our professional-grade hydroponics and UL-listed lighting fixtures give you years of dependable service. We’ve enhanced our product and packaging quality as well. Find new package designs that brands items as Hydrofarm’s latest high tech offerings. Our packages are not just boxes waiting to be discarded – the fronts have large, crisp pictures, with clear descriptions of benefits and important features. Sides offer diagrams and call-outs, specifications, compatible cross-sells, and complete translations in Spanish and French.

    Hydrofarm Technology

    With three and a half decades on the market, we’ve seen an incredible amount of change in the way technology can enhance your ordering process, and we’ve stayed current to make sure you do too. Use our easy to navigate website to track your order in real time. You’re able to see your order status and even see your shipping carrier and where the order is en route, any time you want. No waiting.

    Hydrofarm in the Community

    Along with making the best products for your retail business, Hydrofarm staffers are always seeking opportunities to help other individuals, businesses, and organizations "grow." Click here to learn how Hydrofarm takes action in the community.


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