For the Best Lawn in Town
    Jonathan Green is the leading supplier of grass seed, fertilizer and organic lawn and garden products to professional customers, like sod growers and independent retailers, such as garden centers and hardware stores. Jonathan Green is a family business with a turfgrass research farm in Oregon and distribution through out the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Western United States. Jonathan Green specializes in family and pet friendly lawn and garden products which will grow the New American Lawn and Landscape and are in harmony with the green world our founder, Jonathan Green, cared about.

    The nutritional needs of grass plants are complex. The organic system of lawn fertility, based on the use of natural organic materials as the source of all fertility has merit. This is not a new approach to the subject of lawn care and soil management; it is the oldest method of making the soil more fruitful. It is a method whereby nature's own laws of maintaining fertility are applied.

    Healthy soil is a living breathing system. It contains essential minerals, air, water, and a wide variety of living organisms and the decaying remains of dead ones. The ultimate goal of my Organic Lawn Care Programs is to improve the soil, making it more hospitable for lawn grass plants. My Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Care fertilizers, weed control andsoluble calcium soil conditioner are designed to provide your lawn with excellent turf nutrition in a slow long lasting fundamentally balanced formulation.

    One of Life's Greatest Pleasures

    A piece of ground, not necessarily very large, where one can grow some tomatoes and vegetables seems to give us one of life's greatest pleasures. Or perhaps it's a beautiful flower garden you long for. When we think about it, we realize that most of us have a longing for beauty. By creating a garden, we are opening a special door to our inner self. We realize that this creation can give us a place of beauty where we can enjoy peace and contentment. This place is a welcome change from the distractions of modern life.

    To work the soil, to set out the tomato plants or colorful flowers in the Spring, to watch the fruit ripen and the flowers bloom has a value beyond the delicious and fragrant crop that is produced.

    On your next visit to your local garden center or hardware store be sure to ask for a copy of the Jonathan Green - Garden Care Products Guide. It is full of useful information and helpful hints about plantings and maintaining Roses, Bulbs, Flowers, Vegetables, Trees & Shrubs and Acid-loving Plants. The Garden Care Products Guide is absolutely free and it will be a very helpful tool in insuring that your planting project is a success.

    For most of us our lawn is the single largest landscaping project that we will ever attempt. The lawn has been described as the "picture frame" for the house. A good lawn isn't hard to grow, if you stick to the basics. The basics are Grass Seed, Fertilizer and Problem Solvers and the Lawn Products section of this website describes all three and their product offerings.

    On your next visit to the local garden center or hardware store, be sure to ask for a copy of the Jonathan Green Lawn Care Calendar. It is full of good information and practical solutions to your lawn care needs. Educate yourself on lawn care by reading the back panels of our bags, before you apply each product. Watch the informational How-To Lawn Videos and use the Lawn Care Calendar. After doing so, you will most certainly have the Best Lawn In Town!


    Annual Lawn Care Program

    Jonathan Green's Annual Lawn Care Progam allows you to regularly care for your lawn by elminating and preventing problems from recurring. This program is the most powerful and effective way to keep your lawn looking better than ever! You'll have everything you need to establish a long-lasting show lawn.


    Apply First

    Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up

    In the Spring, applyCrabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up to control crabgrass before and after it germinates - while also feeding the lawn.

    Apply Second

    Weed & Feed

    Mid-Spring through Fall, apply Weed and Feed to control Broadleaf Weeds where they appear while also feeding your lawn.

    Apply Third

    Summer Survival

    Apply Summer Survival in the Summer to help control insects while also feeding your lawn.

    Apply Fourth

    Winter Survival

    After Labor Day, apply Winter Survival which provides the proper nutrition for a greener, thicker lawn.


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