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    Welcome to PREMIER TECH BIOTECHNOLOGIES, the home of MYKE®, the all-natural product line that provides amazing results and meets the specific needs of most plants. PREMIER TECH BIOTECHNOLOGIES has been working on important research and development projects resulting in leading-edge technology. Supported by a team of specialists, PREMIER TECH BIOTECHNOLOGIES has developed ecological products containing mycorrhizal fungi and other natural organisms that improve plant growth and protect human health without harming the environment.


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    Beneficial alliance 

    Mycorrhizal fungi have occurred naturally in the soil for 450 million years. They form a close symbiotic relationship with plant roots. They are called mycorrhizae (from the Greek "mukés", meaning fungus, and "rhiza," meaning roots). However, in most soils that have been disturbed by residential construction, or intensive cropping practices with applications of fertilizers containing pesticides and other chemical products, the mycorrhizae content has considerably diminished, and has become insufficient to significantly enhance plant growth. 

    When mycorrhizal fungi colonize the plant's root system, they create a network that increases the plant's capacity to absorb more water and nutrients such as phosphorus, copper and zinc. This process in turn enhances growth and favors rapid development of roots and plants.


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