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Orbit Irrigation Products

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    When you walk across a lush lawn, admire a gorgeous garden, or relax under a cooling mist, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing the work of Orbit Irrigation Products. 

    Founded more than 40 years ago, Orbit is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of irrigation and watering products in the world.  We distribute more than 2,000 products to landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners in 40 countries across five continents. 

    Our goal is to be the best at providing irrigation and watering products that meet or exceed each individual customer’s needs.  This is why we continually push ourselves to provide better customer support and to design better products – products that beautify your lawn and garden, conserve your community’s water, reduce your water bill, and make your life easier.

    We’re Orbit Irrigation. 


    No. 1 in Hose-End Products
    In a recent nationwide study of hose-end brand names, Wirthlin Worldwide Research determined that customers were more familiar with the Orbit brand than any other brand, making Orbit SunMate the most recognized and asked for brand in the hose-end products industry.

    No. 1 in Underground Irrigation Products
    When it comes to underground irrigation products, Orbit Irrigation is recognized as the leader in the Do-It-Yourself industry. Orbit Irrigation commands the largest market share of all underground irrigation products with well over sixty percent of the market. Customers ask for and look for the "Orbit" name.

    No. 1 in Misting Products
    Orbit’s Arizona Mist line of products is the most recognized brand of Misting products on the market. With a long history of quality products for personal, family and industrial use, Orbit’s Arizona Mist products now outsell all other misting products nationwide.

    What’s in a name? Just ask the customer and they will tell you they are looking for the quality, reliability and depend-ability of the Orbit brand.

    Orbit WaterMaster contains a complete line of easy-to-use underground irrigation products, including sprinkler timers, valves, accessories, tools, and a wide variety of sprinkler head options. It is the #1 choice by homeowners for underground systems. WaterMaster products are innovative, easy-to-use, and engineered for durability and performance.

    Orbit DripMaster products delicately and directly apply water to designated areas with special needs such as gardens, flower beds, container plants, trees, and ground cover. It replaces hand watering and reduces water waste up to 70%.

    Orbit SunMate offers a wide variety of sprinklers, timers, pistols, nozzles, and wands for all hose-end applications. SunMate products are a great addition to any existing sprinkler system. It is the #1 consumer recognized brand for hose-end products. SunMate carries innovative hose-end yard watering systems and has durability designed into every hose-end product.

    Arizona Mist
    Orbit Arizona Mist provides misting systems for any residential or commercial application along with a complete line of portable, personal misting products. It is the most recognized brand in misting products. Arizona Mist carries efficient low and high pressure systems to accommodate consumer preferences. Arizona Mist provides high-quality products backed by an industry-leading warranty protection.