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Pylon -- Horticultural Plant Markers, Pot Labels

Indoors or Out ..... The Most Popular Marker for Pricing or Identifying

For over 55 years, Pylon has been producing quality horticultural plant markers and pot labels in a variety of sizes and shapes to compliment any size plant. Our products are injection molded of high impact plastic material, producing a smooth matt finish, easily written or printed upon. Pylon products are available through leading horticultural distributors and seed companies.

EX-10 Extension
10" long white extension

M-12 Marker
12" long white marker with a 3" wide top

M-13 Marker
13" long marker with a 3" high x 5" wide top

M-35 Marker
3" high x 5" wide white marker

M-5 Marker
5" long white marker with 2" wide top

M-8 Marker
8" long white marker with a 2 1/2" wide top

T-1 Tag
T-1 Tag    3" wide x 1" high white tag,   wire included
Pot Labels

Bagged Pot Labels for Retail Sales

4 Inch Pot Labels
L-4 pot labels    4" long x 5/8" wide, 10 colors

5 Inch Pot Labels
L-5 Pot labels,    5" long x 5/8" wide,    10 Colors

6 Inch Pot Labels
L-6 Pot labels,    6" long x 5/8" wide,    10 Colors

8 Inch Pot Labels
L-8 Pot labels,    8" long x 5/8" wide,    10 Colors

Multi Colored Pot Labels, Bagged for Retail Sales

Q. What can I use to write on your markers and labels?

A. Pencils work very well, and are erasable. If you are looking for permanent, we suggest using a permanent laundry marker. Some of our customers have stated that “Sharpie” markers are what they have found work nicely. The surface of our markers and labels is textured, so the ink will actually go into the marker and not wipe off. The ink may lighten over time due to weather conditions.

Q. I am a consumer, where can I find your product?

A. Since we sell through our distributors, we do not have a listing of greenhouses and garden centers that sell our product. If you are unable to find our product, and unable to buy through our distributors, please contact us.

Q. Do you have a question not answered in this section , contact us


Q. May I purchase directly from you?

A. All sales are through our distributors. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Q. The distributor I buy from does not carry the products I want. How can I obtain these products?

A. Ask your distributor to place a “drop ship” order for you, and we can ship it directly from the factory: your billing is from the distributor.

Since 1956, Pylon Plastics has been producing high quality injection molded plant markers and labels for the horticulture industry. Pylon markers have a distinctive styling and a variety of sizes to complement any size plant.

Pylon Plastics is a second generation family owned and operated. Frank Brand Sr. was the founder of Pylon Plastics, previously named Grove Plastic Products. Of our family: Deb, Frank, Jr(Chuck), and Sara are continuing in Dad's footsteps. In addition to the family, we have a wonderful team who take pride in helping us produce quality products for you.

Pylon markers are injection molded of high impact plastic material, producing a smooth matte finish, which is easily written or printed upon. Injection molding produces a thicker more durable product that can be reused time and time again. The plant markers have a textured finish that accepts pencil or permanent laundry type markers.

Pylon markers are also available packaged for retail sales in individual packages or in the Merchandisers.

We run year round in order to remain fully stocked. Generally, we are able to ship orders within 24 hours.

Pylon markers and pot labels are distributed through leading Horticultural Distributors and Seed Companies.

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