St. Gabriel Organics started over 30 years ago with one family, one idea, and one product, Milky Spore. Today the Reuter Family continues to play an important role in driving the business forward through innovation and research. The Company now manufactures a complete line of 100% natural and organic lawn care and household products.

    We Make and Support Products that are Good for You and Your Family
    All St. Gabriel Organics products are Natural and Organic. They are the result of years of dedicated research to bring safe product alternatives to market that will not harm people, children or pets.

    The women of St. Gabriel Organics are both mothers and career executives, continually striving to bring you safer and greener products since 1973. They are aided and assisted by a dedicated team of scientists, researchers and product testing personnel who seek to ensure the safety of the lawn and garden products you use.

    St. Gabriel Organics knows full well the dangers of chemical pesticides produced by big national and international companies. Many St. Gabriel researchers believe such petro-chemical products, including well known brand names, contain toxic materials that have been linked to the huge increase of birth defects, autism, cancer, hormone deficiencies, Parkinson’s and many other illnesses.


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