Teknor Apex Company is a privately held company founded in 1924 and headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA. We manufacture for our six divisions in 9 locations in the U.S., and on each in Singapore, China and Belgium. We are a diversified material science company using complementary technologies to serve common markets. The following divisions have been the logical evolution of our growth:

    ▪ Vinyl
    ▪ Thermoplastic Elastomer
    ▪ Nylon
    ▪ Teknor Color Company
    ▪ Chemical
    ▪ Garden Hose

    One of the major manufacturers of garden hose in the U.S.

    Our goal is to manufacture high quality garden hoses with the features and benefits that consumer's demand. This goal is achieved through continuous market research and product innovation. Based on research findings, the #1 consumer complaint about garden hoses is kinking. Apex addressed this concern and developed the Neverkink® self-straightening garden hose. Neverkink® , exclusively from Apex®, is manufactured with NTS® Reflex Mesh®technology. This patented technology eliminates kinks, twists and tangles - guaranteed. Only hoses manufactured with Reflex Mesh® are truly kink-proof.

    Teknor also offers a line of drinking water safe hoses that meet the recreational needs of RV and boat owners.

    The standard Apex® line of garden hoses features a variety of duty's that meet all your watering needs.

    As an environmentally responsible company, Teknor Apex recently introduced the Eco-SmartTM & Family SafeTM line of hoses to offer consumers an alternative in hose watering options. These hoses comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and are lead and phthalate free and drinking water safe.


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