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    C&S Products Company is the pioneer and undisputed leader in the Wild Bird Suet Market. Since our founding in 1986, C&S Suet, Squirrel and Wild Bird Feeding products have achieved unprecedented levels of customer loyalty. Our company's commitment to quality, unique and innovative products, leads the industry in wildlife acceptance and customer satisfaction.

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    The C&S Products Company


    C&S Products Company, Inc. was founded in 1986 with the mission of producing the highest quality wildlife specialty products available for the growing U.S. Wild Bird Feeding market. Our company's commitment to quality and unique innovative products enables us to lead the industry in wildlife acceptance and consumer satisfaction. This continues to fuel our annual growth. The challenges this growth brings is what keeps our team of dedicated employees motivated to continually improve every aspect of our company on a daily basis.

    C&S is committed to continue being the industry's leader in the following...
    • New & Unique Product Development
    • Wildlife Acceptance
    • Customer & Retailer Value
    • Consumer Satisfaction
    • Shipping Lead Times
    • Order Fill Rate
    • GMROI (for all of our customers)


    CS Office


    Other companies had attempted to create the wild bird suet category for over 40 years before we started, but all were largely unsuccessful. What we did differently came from our agricultural background of using animal fats plus information we learned from having our own EPA approved testing lab for over 20 years. This knowledge allowed us to produce the best wild bird attractants ever used in the wild bird feeding hobby. Consumer success in attracting a much larger variety of wild birds to their feeding habitat is what makes C&S the success we are today.

    We continue to test, challenge and reevaluate the industry daily. We have seen the suet category grow from being a minimal item to become the #1 profit producing section of the wild bird category. C&S's success has led us to expand into other areas of the wildlife and wild bird feeding hobbies. We have released a new squirrel food line with patented products, a seed cake line with unprecedented quality and developed a New Nugget and Seed/Nugget Blend giving the Birders a new way to attract songbirds. We're also building a new line of quality wooden bird feeders as well as unique patented nugget feeders for the serious hobbyist.

    If you are a consumer, please check out our "Getting Started" section and where you can find C&S Suets and Wild Bird/Wildlife Feeding products. If you are a retailer and/or wholesaler, we look forward to answering your inquiry. We are happy to be of service and happy to be revolutionizing the wild bird feeding market in the new millennium.

    Kevin & Karen Alstott and the C&S Team


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