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Bouldin & Lawson -- Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment

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    Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment
    In 1959, Sonny Bouldin and Avery Lawson combined their expertise and knowledge of building machinery and built the first piece of Bouldin & Lawson equipment. They built their equipment based on the needs of local nurserymen who wanted automated equipment to help make their jobs more productive and efficient. Thus, Bouldin & Lawson was born. From its inception, Bouldin & Lawson wanted to automate the horticultural industry. This idea has never changed. It has been our goal at Bouldin & Lawson, LLC to help growers through automation. Our product line numbers over 80 items which includes automated transplanters, seeders, flat and pot fillers, soil mixers and baggers with various other pieces of equipment, such as rose wrappers and seed cleaners.



    Bouldin & Lawson's professional staff is dedicated to providing growers with top quality products. We proudly offer a complete range of automated greenhouse and nursery equipment. We understand the growers' needs and continue to develop new products as the horticultural industry evolves. A driving force in the industry since 1959, Bouldin & Lawson is committed to providing quality products, innovative new ideas and a customer service policy unmatched in the industry. ---- Keith Bouldin, President of Bouldin & Lawson

    Address: 70 Easy St PO Box 7177 McMinnville, TN 37111
    Contact:   Paul Whiting
    Phone:    800-443-6398    FAX:  931-668-3209


    Bouldin & Lawson - Soil Bagging System
    This SOIL BAGGING SYSTEM automatically fills, seals, compacts, and transfers filled bags for offloading. The machine accurately bags tough, dense soils, as well as lighter potting mixes. It will handle most grades of potting soil with accuracy and speed.

    The automatic bag loading system automatically loads bags onto the bag filling chute of the soil bagger. The auto-bag holding chute then opens, holding the bag tightly while covering the mouth of the bag, which eliminates excessive dust while filling. When filling is complete, the chute closes and releases the bag.

    The bag transfer system then grasps the filled bag and moves it to the bag-sealing conveyor where the bag passes through the sealing operation and moves on to a bag compacting conveyor before exiting to the offload location. Easy to operate and low maintenance make this a must-have machine for any soil bagging operation.

    Pot Loading System