Tennessee Harvester Enterprises

1st in world to earn USDA Organic Certification of our CBD Isolate
Tennessee Harvester Enterprises is based in middle Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. Our roots are grounded in agriculture and healthcare but our aim is to revolutionize the hemp industry by raising the bar in every area. In March of 2021, we were the 1st in the world to earn the USDA Organic Certification of our CBD Isolate, but we are just getting started! Working with major academic Universities, politicians, and governmental agencies, we stay on the leading edge of legislative affairs and emerging science. We innovate ways to positively influence the hemp industry and benefit consumers at large. Our proprietary solutions set THE standard for THC Remediation technologies benefiting our clients and their customers looking for healthy, all-natural, end-to-end organic ingredients and products. We are in the process of GMP Certification in order to support the needs of our clients both domestically and internationally then we will take on how remediation is done across the industry. To say we are on a mission is an understatement. By unlocking the healing power of hemp and protecting the end result during the process through the consistent production with all-natural, food-grade products: We do it THE way no other company can.

Address:   1033 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, TN 37210
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