Thriving Design

Build versatile, sturdy plant supports in a SNAP!
Thriving Design is an innovative garden product design company featuring the patented C-BITE. C-BITE garden clips are a customizable, reusable, and super-strong alternative to traditional plant supports. As the only DIY plant support system on the market, C-BITEs click together in over 140 different ways and connect garden stakes together - like tinker toys for the garden. Working seamlessly with standard steel stakes, natural cane, netting, plant ties, and other accessories to create custom support solutions. Whether you want a trellis for your peas, a cage for your cannabis, a tower for your tomatoes, or support for your sunflowers, C-BITEs can do it all. A 1% for the Planet and public benefit corporation, Thriving Design products are Made in the USA.

Our products are designed and manufactured to minimize our negative impacts on the environment. We’re committed to minimizing packaging and waste, and being carbon neutral. We donate 1% of our profits to nonprofits focused on conservation of the environment and food security for all people. Our Commitment to the Planet

Address:   Ft. Collins , CO
Contact:   Morgan Rider, cofounder
Phone:  (970) 214-8699   FAX: 


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