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Artificial Intelligence, Reliability, and Power in One Package -- URS Robots was launched to transform the economics of commercial service businesses through robotics technology. Headquartered in Taiwan, our team comes from the cell phone industry, with more than two decades of experience in IoT solutions, smart device development, software, and system integration. We also manufacture our own circuit boards for end-to-end quality oversight. From our Silicon Valley office, we’re growing a nationwide network of channel partners to bring Nexmow and future products to the businesses that need them.

Vision. Robotics. Unprecedented ROI for Customers
Digital Wireless Mapping & Navigation -- Virtual geofencing technology eliminates the need to dig trenches, deploy beacon stations, or install wiring. Easily move robot fleets across multiple locations. High-Accuracy Operation -- We combine GPS + 4G + industrial-grade real-time kinematics (RTK) technology for high reliability and location precision to 2cm.

Powering Mobile Robotics with Precision -- Transform a service business. Mobilize a robotic fleet. Or, commercialize bot-based solutions. We’re the power behind your bots.

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