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Wild Valley Farms

Healthy Garden. Healthy Life
Here at Wild Valley Farms we are dedicated to helping you grow big healthy plants with: ? All Natural, Innovative, Soils and Fertilizers. One of our innovative products are wool pellets.

Our Story of creating Wool Pellets: For generations we have raised sheep and cows on our family farm here in Utah. Our cows help us to make steer manure and compost. We wanted to see if our sheep could help gardens too! We tried pelletizing some of our sheep’s wool initially because we had found research which showed wool repelled snails. After more research and testing we found that wool is extremely high in Nitrogen and takes months to break down. This makes it a perfect all-natural fertilizer! Wool also naturally absorbs water – about 20x its weight – so with it you can water less! As wool soaks in water, it fluffs up and expands. This creates more porosity (oxygen) in the soil. This gives space for your roots to grow bigger and stronger. The nutrition in the wool helps to grow strong, healthy, beautiful plants that need no other fertilizer!

Address:   2775 N 6900 ECroydon, UT 84018
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