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Plug Connection (Mighty Mato) -- our liners & plugs are compact & vigorous.
Plug Connection is known as the west coast's first ornamental young plant specialist. Today, we are one of the largest plug, liner, and grafted liner producers in the country.
Northland Floral -- Specializing in cut flowers, potted plants and bouquets
Northland has a wide range of finished Seasonal, weekly potted plants and fresh cut flowers. We cover everything from A-Z ... African Violets to Zebra plants.
James Greenhouses -- Perennial Plugs; Special Propagation.
We remain focused on the highest standard: custom growing, well-developed liners, acclimatized plugs, reasonable pricing, and great selection.
Floral Plant Growers -- Producing > 100 million flowers, plants & herbs annually
Floral Plant Growers is a leading greenhouse growing organization operating over 69 acres of greenhouse across four states.
Chief Mountain Farms -- Specializing in Native and Wetland Plants.
Wholesalers of Ornamental Grasses, Perennials, Ground Covers, Vines & Shrubs, Native & Wetland Plants. Chief Mountain Farms is a family-owned business located in Maryland.
The Perennial Farm -- Highest Quality ... Best Customer Service ... Fastest Delivery
We continue to introduce new varieties of plants and have grown over 1,000 different varieties for our wholesale customers.
K&M Nursery -- it all starts with growing plants the right way.
For 10 years K & M Nursery has strived to grow florist quality plants for independent garden centers and nurseries.
Syngenta -- Bringing Plant Potential To Life
>Our Lawn and Garden businesses offer a range of plant health solutions for professional turf managers, professional growers, professional pest managers, and consumers.
Sun-Fire Nurseries -- Bringing Plants to Life.
We are family owned & deeply imbedded in production of ornamentals. We offer a wide selection of liners, and are continually adding to our product line.
Tri-State Foliage -- year-round tropical foliage & blooming material for interiorscapes
Tri State Foliage has one of the largest inventories of tropical plants in the Midwest ... In addition to tropical foliage from Florida and California.
Gro'n Sell -- Quality Starter Plants.
Gro'n Sell is known industry-wide as a grower of high-quality "plug" starter plants. We also grow our Plug, Big Burly, and Big Burly Junior product lines.
Gulley Greenhouse -- premium line of ground cover plants Jeepers Creepers®
Our crop specialties includes: annual plants, hardy perennials, vegetables, herbs, small shrubs and edibles, roses, succulents, drought tolerant plants.
HMA Plants -- Rooted liners and plugs
Our high performance unrooted plant material is grown by the largest growers in North America. Consider adding HMA products to your line-up this season!
Hort Couture Plants -- new plants from breeders around the world.
Distinct and diverse plant collections,stylish, sophisticated packaging, unique plant material and creative displays collectively make Hort Couture the luxury brand for garden centers.
Knox Nursery -- Bedding Plant Specialist For Over 50 Years.
Producing over 150 million plugs and liners from > 700,000 square feet of high-tech greenhouses, Knox Nursery takes advantage of Central Florida sun.
Pindstrup Mosebrug -- Substrates Worldwide
Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S is one of the world's leading producers of growing media for plant production for nurseries and horticulture.
Southwest Perennials -- Top quality herb and perennial liners (plugs).
Southwest Perennials takes pride in producing top quality herb and perennial liners (plugs). We offer almost 300 varieties of perennials and herbs to fit your needs.
Welby Gardens (Hardy Boy Plants) -- annuals, herbs, perennial and rooted cuttings
Our vast selection of liners makes it simple for growers to receive a wide variety of plant material from one source. Hardy Starts is a division of Welby Gardens.
Wenke/Sunbelt Greenhouses -- 20 acres of greenhouses.
Wholesale producers of quality plants for garden centers, landscapers and other greenhouses .... With over 40 acres of production greenhouses.
Grimes Horticulture -- widest selection in the horticultural world.
We specialize in low minimums & wide selection -- Fast same day service.
Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, Virus-free Hostas, Roses and Ground Covers.
Northwest Horticulture -- Over 90% of our plug shipments are made by temperature controlled trucks. Our pallet shippers make it possible for plugs to travel coast to coast.
Schmidt Brothers -- Growers for the Future!
14+ acres of greenhouses ... we wholesale bedding plants, hanging baskets, patio planters, mums, fall pansies and poinsettias.
Speedling Inc -- make Speedling part of your growth plan.
Speedling is a global leader in the production of containerized transplants.
Florist Holland BV -- Innovative Gerbera breeding
40 years of experience in breeding and propagation of Gerbera cut flower and pot plant varieties.
Burpee Seeds -- vegetables and plants, perennials and annuals.
Burpee’s highly recognized horticulturists have been continuously bringing innovation to the seed market since 1881.
Ball Horticultural -- World leader in plant development & distribution.
Global family of breeders, research & development teams, seed & vegetative producers, and distribution companies across six continents in 18 countries.
Sunshine Horticulture -- Foliage for Clean Air.
Sunshine Horticulture, LLC was founded in 2004 to provide quality liners and micros to the horticulture industry, both domestic and overseas.
Flamingo Holland -- Flower Bulbs, Grower Supplies.
Flamingo Holland Inc. is wholesale importer and distributor of the world’s finest flower bulbs, packaging and supplies.
Skagit Gardens -- Grower of top-quality annuals and perennials.
Wholesale greenhouse company located in the agricultural Skagit Valley. Our mild maritime climate provides the ideal growing conditions for hardy perennials.
Timbuk Farms -- rooting stations and growers of flowering plants.
Timbuk Farms’ operations include young plants, finished plants, seasonal Garden Mart retail outlets, Cut-Your-Own Christmas trees, and seasonal fundraising plant sale programs.
Qualitree -- Plant Program Specialists
Check out our line of colourful innovative plants that is always on the forefront of the North American marketplace.
Morningstar Grower -- Unrooted Ipomea cuttings.
We can also provide you with your Vinca vine unrooted cuttings. These cuttings are cut and shipped the same day.
Leo Berbee Bulb -- finest wholesale bulbs and perennials.
The Leo Berbee Bulb Company is the wholesale division of the Berbee companies of Marysville, Ohio. We offer the finest bulbs and perennials.
Griffin Greenhouse Supplies -- Family Owned & Operated Since 1947.
Griffin Greenhouse Supplies is the top greenhouse and nursery supplier in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.
Fred C. Gloeckner -- specialty flower bulbs for the US market.
The Fred C. Gloeckner Company provides a full range of products and services to commercial horticultural industry in most of U.S., Central & South America.
BFG Plant Connection -- division of BFG Supply Co.
BFG’s plant broker service offers access to an extraordinary network of growers located all over the country.
Ball ColorLink -- Seed, plugs & liners.
Ball ColorLink is your small business partner ready to source all of your growing needs from seed, plugs & liners.
Michell's -- Growing your business from the ground up
We offer top quality nursery stock, citrus trees, greenhouse products, foliage plants, pots, and seed from key suppliers all over the country.
2Plant International -- Lily Looks, Perennials and More...
2Plant offers you a great balanced program of the newest plant introductions and the best old standards.
Eason Horticultural Resources -- Plants & products for professional growers
EHR serves as a consultant and broker to retail garden center growers, wholesale greenhouse growers, nurserymen, and landscapers.
Abbott-IPCO .... Selection – Solutions – Innovation.
International source of caladium bulbs, imported Holland bulbs, perennials, and many other new and unique products.
AG3, Inc. -- Tissue Culture Liners.
AG 3, Inc. is a liner producer specializing in perennials, grasses, hosta, bulbs, tropical foliage and carnivorous plants.
Casa Flora -- Your One Stop Fern Source.
Casa Flora, Inc. is a world-leading producer of ferns and heuchera based in Dallas, Texas, with additional facilities in Florida and China.
Cultivaris North America -- IDEAS. GROWING.
Cultivaris is a global horticultural company with a focus on new product development and distribution.
Magnolia Gardens Nursery -- operate on over 150 acres
Magnolia Gardens Nursery also owns and operates a tissue culture lab in Magnolia, TX which you can learn lots more about here Magnolia Gardens Liners.
Royal Van Zanten -- Colorita® for colourful garden fun.
Colourful products --- We have a wide range of products. From lily, cut chrysanthemum, tulip and alstroemeria to potted chrysanthemum, begonia, potted alstroemeria.
Terra Nova Nurseries -- Industry leader in breeding technology
Terra Nova® Nurseries has grown from a tiny lab and greenhouse to a world leader in perennial plant breeding.
Anthura -- Breeding and propagation of anthurium
ANTHURA is the number one in the world in the field of breeding and propagation of anthurium and ranks among the top in the field of phalaenopsis.
Briggs Nursery -- International leader in micro-propagation
Briggs Nursery is recognized for its ability to propagate and grow a wide variety of both specialty and standard starter plants.
Deroose Plants -- Innovation through breeding.
Deroose Plants is a world leader in tissue culture propagation. We provide the best services for plant tissue culture initiation, proprietary propagation and growing & developing of new cultivars.
ForemostCo -- Consistent Quality, Exceptional Service.
ForemostCo, Inc. continues to redefine and globalize the international production of starter material.
McHutchison -- Horticultural Distributor Since 1902.
McHutchison makes horticultural "one stop shopping" a reality, providing geraniums, bulbs, foliage, perennials, plugs, poinsettias, pot crop, spring plants, nursery and supplies.
Oglesby Plants International -- Young Plants Shipped worldwide
Oglesby Plants International is well known in ornamental plant industry as leading supplier of high quality young plants for commercial growers around the world.
Vaughan's Horticulture -- extensive line of horticultural products.
We offer a complete range of annual & perennial cuttings, bedding plants, foliage, pre-finished plant products and supplies. Let Vaughan’s Horticulture work for you!


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