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Affiliate marketing for small business: pass or play?
By: Forbes -- There isn't one right way to do marketing. The more I've dabbled in marketing, the more I've realized it's a bottomless pit of possibilities. I also noticed the value of affiliate marketing, something 80% of brands use.

Why US small businesses will lead in AI investments in 2024
By: ZDNet -- According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, small business drives the U.S. economy. Small businesses employ nearly half of the entire American workforce and represent 43.5% of America's GDP.

How to hire and use interns in your small business
By: Small Business Trends -- With fewer professional job opportunities in popular fields, lots of job seekers and employers are now turning to "the internship." Unfortunately, over the years, the internship has gone from apprenticeship to just plain "free help."

Small business trends 2024: What's next for finances, tech, and more
By: Forbes -- Anticipating the future is crucial for small business success. But it may be especially challenging this year since there are so many innovations and potential changes in areas like community building, personalization, finances, marketing, technology, and more.

Yes, you need a small business budget
By: Forbes -- If you're a small business owner, you may feel that creating a budget is something only big companies need to do. After all, you probably have a pretty good idea of what's coming in and going out, right?

Instagram marketing strategy guide: 18 tips
By: Small Business Trends -- Businesses today recognize the power of a powerful Instagram marketing strategy. With millions of active users, Instagram offers unparalleled reach and engagement opportunities.

The 8 best free and low-cost SEO tools for small businesses
By: Entrepreneur -- Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to their marketing operations. For one, very few have dedicated personnel to manage marketing campaigns (there may be few team members wearing many hats).

Small business guide to video marketing
By: Small Business Trends -- In today's digital-driven era, video marketing has swiftly emerged as a dominant tool for businesses to communicate their message. With its ability to present content in a visually compelling and interactive manner, it's no surprise that businesses of all scales are harnessing its power.

Work smarter, not harder with ai for your small business
By: Forbes -- If you've been hearing about artificial intelligence (AI) but don't know much about it or how to use it in your day-to-day business activities, keep reading.

Essential marketing materials: Top 30 picks for small businesses
By: Small Business Trends -- Small businesses caught in the crosshairs of competition must harness the right marketing resources to survive and thrive. Vital to this survival kit are marketing materials.

Make money online and increase sales in your business
By: Forbes -- When you own a business, it's important to continuously look for ways to increase revenue and improve your profit line. Many businesses want to make money online as an additional revenue stream, even if they are a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

10 effective marketing strategies for small businesses
By: CIO Look -- In today's competitive market, effective marketing strategies play a pivotal role in the success of businesses, and this significance amplifies for small businesses striving to establish their presence.

Remote work isn't killing business travel — it's transforming it
By: BBC -- As people settle into the practical realities of hybrid and remote work, business travel is due for a resurgence—and a makeover.

5 expert tips to transform business growth
By: Forbes -- Finding ways to grow your business is challenging, especially for new entrepreneurs. The best thing you can do is emulate successful people in your industry.

How to focus your social media marketing
By: Small Business Trends -- Social media marketing is a key element of business. Its importance lies not just in its widespread reach but in the potential it holds for targeted, effective communication. A well-defined focus in social media marketing sharpens this potential, transforming broad strategies into precise, impactful actions.

A new recipe for driving revenues with media
By: Forbes -- Over the last decade, digital commerce sales have grown to over $6 trillion in sales globally as more consumers and business buyers discover, shop, buy and consume products and services online.

Why the holiday season is critical for many small businesses
By: Forbes -- The importance of small businesses to the U.S. economy is difficult to understate. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S. account for 99.9% of total businesses. They also account for about 46% of employment and 43.5% of GDP.

Small businesses can teach valuable marketing lessons — here are 3
By: All Business -- It's no secret that small business owners wear many hats, and one of the most important is the head of marketing. In the early days of building a business, marketing is everything. It helps create proof of concept for your product or service, it's baked into your business plan, and you can't grow without it.

Financial considerations for small-business owners pursuing growth
By: Forbes Magazine -- As a small-business owner, the allure of growth may appear deceptively straightforward, but before setting sail toward success through expansion, there are vital financial considerations.

Small businesses suffer record number of cyber-attacks
By: Infosecurity Magazine -- Nearly three-quarters (73%) of U.S. small business owners reported a cyber-attack last year, with employee and customer data most likely to be targeted in data breaches, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC).

IRS unveils 'special withdrawal process' for small businesses that claimed pandemic-era tax credit
By: CNBC -- The IRS recently announced a "special withdrawal process" for small businesses that may have wrongly claimed the so-called employee retention tax credit or ERC.

Telling small businesses to buy cyber insurance isn't enough
By: Dark Reading -- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) have issued guidance suggesting companies consider cyber insurance as a means of resilience against cyberattacks. While essential, merely suggesting cyber insurance isn't enough.


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