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Garden Tools
Pruning Tools; Saws & Knives; Hand Trowels, Transplanters & Cultivators; Shovel, Rake & Hoe; Forks, Hooks & Weed Cutters; Scoops & Harvesters; Striking Tools; Aerators, Augers & Lawn Edgers; Mower & Trimmer Parts
Hose & Watering Accessories
Soaker & Sprinkler Hose; Reels & Hangers; Hand Nozzles & Sprayers; Sprinklers; Water Hose Accessories & Repair; Timers; Water Wands; Drip Irrigation; Watering Cans; Rain Barrels & Other Watering Accessories
Pots, Planters & Containers
Wood Planters, Caddies & Dollies, Planter Baskets & Liners, Plastic Pots & Saucers, Fabric Pots, Pulp Pots, Metal Pots & Planters, Talavera
Sprayers, Spreaders, Carts
Garden Sprayers; Lawn & broadcast Spreaders; Carts & Wheelbarrows
Replacement Parts & Accessories; Surfactants, Dyes & Markers
Fertilizer -- Lawn Care
Grass; Rose & Flower; Tree & Shrub; Fruit & Vegetable; Liquid; Water Soluble; Stakes, Spikes & Root Feeders; Supplements & Hormones
Seed - Grass & Other
Professional Turf, Forage, Wildlife, Lawn Repair, Warm Season Grass. Cool Season Perennial & Annual, Wildflower & Vegetable, Sun & Shade
Soils, Amendments & Testers
Mulch & Top Dressing; Conditioners & Soil Builders; Bark & Decorative Moss; Rock & Sand; Soil Testers & Meters; Composters & Equipment
Animal Repellents & Rodent Control
Rat & Mouse Baits / Traps; Mole & Gopher Control; Dog & Cat Repellents; Bird Repellents & Netting; Snake Repellents; Deer & Rabbit Repellents
Controls & Problem Solvers: Disease - Pest
Insecticides; Herbicides; Fungicides & Disease Control; Insect Repellents; Snail & Slug Control; Moss Control; Protectants, Sealers & Wraps
Featured Distributors / Retail Garden Center Products -- Catalog Showcase

BFG Supply: Lawn & Garden Retail Product Catalog
Retail Garden Center -- complete selection + Exclusive Brands!
Plant Connection -- access > 90 plant material suppliers

BWI Companies -- Lawn & Garden Supplies
Largest selection of retail garden center productd in 14 locations across the Mid-South and Southeastern United States.

Griffin Supplies: Lawn & Garden Products + Green Goods
Top lawn & garden center merchandise supplier in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Family Owned & Operated Since 1947.

Outdoor Living
Trellises, Arbors, Outdoor Décor, Barbecue Grills, Patio Furniture, Canopy & Shade Structures, Flags & Poles, Door Mats & Rugs, Thermometers, Cleaning Products, Composters & Rain Barrels, Sheppard Hooks
Plant Accessories
Landscape Fabrics; Netting & Plant Covers; Fencing & Edging; Ties & Plant Labels; Plant & Tree Stakes; Tomato & Plant Cages; Plant Stands & Mats; Brackets & Hangers; Erosion Control; Poly Sheeting & Bags
Birding & Wildlife
Bird Seed; Feeders; Hummingbird & Oriole Feeders / Nectars; Suet & Suet Feeders; Birdhouses & Nesting Boxes; Squirrel, Critter Food & Feeders; Accessories & Books; Bird Baths
Organic & Environmentally Friendly
Controls - Insect, Weed, Fungus & Disease; Rodent Control & Animal Repellents; Fertilizer; Soils & Amendments; Containers & Pots; Water Conservation Products; Composters & Equipment
Hydroponics -- Indoor Outdoor Gardening
Systems & Containers, Fabric Pots, Fans & Filters, Foliage Cleaners, Fungicides, Insecticides, Growing Media, Meters & PH Adjusters, Nutrients & Supplements, Plant Support, Propagation, Pumps & Irrigation
Apparel & Protective Gear
Gloves; Shoes, Hats & Apparel; Knee Pads & Kneeling Cushions; Workseats; Safety Equipment; Displays; Aprons & Pouches
Water Gardening
Pumps -- Fountains -- Pond Cleaning & Care -- Accessories

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