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Raticator (ATrap) -- The best rodent control product on the planet.
The Raticator Max utilizes a revolutionary new infrared detecting system to sense the presence of the mouse, rat, or other rodent.
Victor -- Innovative pest & rat control
Victor® revolutionized the rodent control market 100 years ago with the invention of the spring-based Victor® Mouse Trap.
Messina Wildlife Management -- Animal Stoppers!
Messina Wildlife has become nationally recognized brand of organic gardening repellent solutions & Animal Stoppers, including Deer Stopper, Cat Stopper, Dog Stopper, Rabbit Stopper.
Liquid Fence -- Pest, Lawn & Garden Solutions
Earth-friendly, guaranteed-effective animal and insect repellents, plus the EcoLogic line of products for the home, lawn and landscape.
Havahart -- Animal Traps, Repellents, Fences
By offering animal traps, animal repellents and electronic repellents, Havahart® covers a wide spectrum of solutions that truly means Total Yard Protection for you!
EPIC (Enviro Protection Industries Company) -- Animal Repellents
When we talk about repelling various types of animals, whether wild or domestic, the words "pest" and "nuisance" come up. These beautiful animals only become a nuisance when they destroy the hard work we have put into our gardens, lawns and landscaping.
Sweeney's -- Pest Control Products
Sweeney's has every weapon your need to protect your lawn and garden from aggravating moles, gophers and nuisance wildlife.
Bird-B-Gone -- solve bird problems effectively, humanely and economically.
Bird-B-Gone, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of bird deterrents and is dedicated to solving pest bird problems.
Shake-Away -- Organic Animal Repellent
Shake-Away® 100% organic animal repellent products safely and effectively repel animals like deer, rabbits, cats and more from damaging your plants, shrubs, and garden.
Mpm Pan Pacific (Gonzo Gopher Trap) -- Repel Moles & Gophers
The gonzo dead end gopher trap provides a safe, effective means to control pocket gophers.
Wilco Distributors -- Rodent Control
Rodent Bait, Applicators, Traps, Bait Stations and MORE! Whatever your problem or need, we have you covered with a solution.
d-CON® -- expert in rodent control
d-CON® has been offering rodent control products longer than any other manufacturer. d-CON® offers a solution for every situation.
Just One Bite (Farnam)
For over 25 years, Just One Bite®*† products have been recognized as “The taste rats and house mice just die for™!”.
Uncle Ian's Repellents -- Multi Purpose Repellent
Uncle Ian's Mole, Gopher, Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent is more effective in repelling pests than any other repellent, and we do it 100% natural.
EcoClear Products -- RatX
EcoClear Products, Inc. is dedicated to producing effective products that are safe for People, Pets and Wildlife. 100% safe for your family and your wildlife.
Rugged Ranch -- Manufacturer / distributor of quality farm, ranch, and pet supplies.
At Rugged Ranch Products, we pride ourselves in customer service and we strive to provide a quality experience every time.
Root Guard -- Protect Your Landscape from Moles, Voles & Gophers.
Our new Speed Basket protects your plant's roots from voles and moles in addition to gophers.
Rodentex (Farnam) -- Multi-Feed Bars
Kills Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. Mold & moisture resistant.
Our customers say: “Once you’ve used a NOOSKI you’ll never go back!” Without doubt this is “THE BETTER MOUSE TRAP”.
Ropel -- Animal Repellent
Ropel liquids provide twice the coverage of the average granular animal repellent. They can be applied with a brush, tank sprayer or bottle sprayer.
Dr. T's -- Mole, Mosquito, Slug & Snail Control
Dr. T’s Nature Products® Mosquito Repelling Granules have been independently tested & proven to repel mosquitoes.
Fi-Shock (Woodstream) -- electric fences
Here at Fi-Shock® we have been manufacturing top of the line electric fences since 1968.
Iguana-Rid -- All Natural Pest Control
Iguana-Rid/Pest-Rid deters animal pests by smell and taste. While it does not harm any animals, it causes them to leave the areas where product is applied.
Macabee -- Gopher Traps
The Macabee Gopher Trap is the most effective means of gopher control in the Western United States.This unique steel-wire, spring-action trap gets rid of this harmful, burrowing rodent.
APGR Green (Mole-Zap) -- ORGANIC approach to a pest-free lawn.
Mole-Zap is an environmentally-safe, innovative, and new product for permanently removing moles from your yard. APGR Green was founded in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Deer Scram (EPIC) -- Deer & Rabbit Repellent
At DEER SCRAM -- America's Finest Deer Repellent™ -- our promise is to protect your landscape and garden investment from the damaging effects of hungry deer and rabbits.
Grant Laboratories -- Pest & Animal Control
Grant's Kills Ants was one of the first ant bait products used to control invading ants. Using a unique bait stake, the bait is contained in the stake and the product is effective in killing ants while protecting environment.
NuVue Products -- Specialty Plant Covers
NuVue Lawn and Garden Products are focused on plant protection and on making your gardening experience Easy and Pleasurable.
Sure Stop -- Rodent Control
Sure Stop helps to keep your lawn and garden free from mole, gopher and rodent damage by offering a line of baits, traps and gassers.

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Founded in 1972, BFG Supply has a long history of serving professional growers, lawn & garden centers, landscapers, and indoor growing stores. BFG is a true single source supplier for all of your Green Industry products and supplies.

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BWI distributes lawn & garden - horticultural - turf products to garden centers, greenhouse growers, nursery growers, landscapers, lawn & landcare companies, golf courses and other related outlets.

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