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Environmental Plant Management (EPM): Protection Plus 3-in-1 Pesticide
Our natural, 25(b) exempt commercial pesticide kills insects on the first treatment, eliminating the need for multiple treatments. The higher efficacy rates also mean insects don't have time to build up insecticide resistance; they just die. Protection Plus is more cost-effective, easier to use, and without all those added chemicals, safer and healthier.

Our solutions for bountiful blooms and abundant yields are deeply rooted in a reverence for our Earth and those who call it home. Our family of Organocide® and AgroBioUSA Brand products offers ways to help you grow healthier and more productive plants, protect bees and other beneficial insects, and care for the environment we all share.

United Industries -- Lawn & Garden, Home Pest Control Products
The Company is a leading supplier of residential locksets, residential builders’ hardware, plumbing, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden, home pest control products, and personal insect repellents.

BioSafe Systems -- Simply Sustainable, Always Effective.
Algae and disease control products. Protect your crops, Protect your water, Protect your operation’s future with BioSafe Systems.
Monterey Lawn & Garden -- plant protection chemicals and fertilizers.
Sluggo® Plus -- Insect, Slug & Snail Pellets. Kills earwigs, cutworm, sowbugs, pillbugs, crickets, ants (excluding Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, Pharaoh's Ants and Carpenter Ants), slugs, and snails.
BioAdvanced® Science-Based Solutions
Our new name combines cutting-edge biology and innovative advancements with the best-in class, science-based solutions we’re known for. Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of a global network of innovators, collaborators, researchers and scientist, our team of Blue bottle professionals will continue to raise the bar, developing industry firsts that give your customers new ways to fertilize and protect their lawns, kill weeds, grow plants, control insects and diseases, and protect their homes.
Control Solutions -- ADAMA Consumer & Professional Solutions.
CSI develops and manufacturers solutions for professional pest management, commercial turf & landscape, companion & production animal, and consumer lawn & garden markets.
Spectracide -- Insect & Weed Control
A leader in outdoor insect and weed control, Spectracide® brand has the strong performance and technology homeowners need to beat backyard pests.
Quali-Pro -- Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides
Basically Better not only describes the comprehensive portfolio of Quali-Pro products –– it inspires us to do what’s best for each and every professional we work with in the green industry.
PBI Gordon -- Weed & Insect Control
PBI-Gordon Corporation is a national leader in professional turf and ornamental management with a line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and other products, industry.
Sterling International -- Rescue Pest Control
At RESCUE!® it’s our goal to design, manufacture and market the safest, most effective pest control solutions available.
GardenTech -- Garden Protection Brands
Highly effective lawn and garden pesticide products. GardenTech® brands -- Sevin® Brand Insecticide, Over'n Out® Fire Ant Killer, Daconil® Fungicide, and RootBoost™
AMDRO® -- pest control.
AMDRO® is the only brand of pest control that gives you the confidence to attack the problem and get back to your life, knowing your home is protected.
Safer -- Organic Gardening, Insecticide, & Pest Control
Safer® Brand proudly offers the broadest and most successful line of organic gardening, organic insecticide and organic pest control products reviewed and validated by third parties.
Southern Agricultural Insecticides
Southern Ag was started in 1930's by Hans Diem.
SpringStar -- Pests & Insect Traps
SpringStar provides effective, non-toxic, and environmentally safe pest control products. Every one of our products is designed to be "EARTH FRIENDLY"
Cutter -- Insect Repellent
Whatever your needs, there's a Cutter repellent for you -- with DEET, Picaridin, and oil of lemon eucalyptus.
Hot Shot -- Indoor & outdoor bug solutions
No matter where your pest problem rears its ugly head, Hot Shot insecticides are the answer to what's bugging you! (With a lineup of indoor and outdoor bug solutions).
Preen -- Lebanon Seaboard
Preen® Garden Weed Preventers control grass weeds and other weeds, feed plants and help yield a neat, professional landscape.
Black Flag -- Insect Control
Black Flag® is dedicated to providing the tools you need to regain control. Here are a few tips to keep insects out of your house.
Terro -- Ant Control Products
Our mission is to help homeowners get rid of ants, spiders,mosquitoes, fruit flies, pantry moths and other annoying pests. TERRO is the industry leader in ant control.
Starbar (Central Life Sciences) -- insect control
For over forty years, Starbar® has been providing insect management tools to the agribusiness market.
Corry's -- Slug & Snail Killer
Made in Pacific Northwest -- our products have provided excellent protection against slugs, snails, and other garden invaders for generations.
Novozymes Bioag -- Healthier Crops & Higher Yields
Global biological pest solutions company that manufactures patented beneficial microbes for the greenhouse, nursery, agriculture and consumer markets. Brands include Actinovate SP, Actino-Iron and NoFly Bio Insecticide.
PIC Corp -- Pest Solutions
For over 58 years, PIC has been helping families solve their pest problems inside and outside of their homes.
Garden Safe -- Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides
Garden Safe was the first brand to merge safety and efficacy for the “natural” gardener, tackling multiple garden problems with a range of solutions.
Image -- Herbicides for Hard-to-Kill Weeds
IMAGE is one of the nation's fastest growing herbicide brands. Year after year, Image Herbicides continue to effectively control the most hard-to-kill weeds in America.
Thermacell Repellents -- The Schawbel Corp
Thermacell makes the outdoors more enjoyable. The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent product was invented by TSC and introduced to the market in 2003.
Summit Chemical -- Mosquito Control
Summit Chemical Company strives to promote and develop novel solutions for pest control. Summit formulates professional mosquito and pest control products.
EcoSMART -- The Safe Pesticide Brand (Kittrich Corp)
EcoSmart, the world leader in safe pesticide solutions.
Maxide -- Dual Action Grub Killer
Our product controls grubs and other insects in lawns and landscape plantings. Releases quickly to stop grub feeding in hours. Treats up to 5,000 square feet.
Repel -- Insect Repellent
Repel insect repellents are tough enough for any outdoor adventure, offering complete protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects.
KAZ -- The Stinger® Advantage -- Mosquito Defense. Everyday. All Season Long.
Stinger Insect Killers are affordable, effective solutions that should be a part of an overall protection plan against flying insects.
Bonide -- Controls, Repellents, Plant Care products
Our complete line of Garden Naturals --- Effective, time tested solutions that Bonide has been marketing since long before it was "hip to be green".
Organocide (Organic Laboratories) -- environmentally-friendly products
Organic Laboratories is one of the country’s leading developers, producers and marketers of earth-friendly pesticides and fertilizers.
Concern (Safer Brands) -- Ant & Crawling Insect Killer, Weed Prevention
Concern® Ant and Crawling Insect Killer harnesses the power of diatomaceous earth (85%). Made from the finely ground fossils of prehistoric fresh water diatoms, this all natural product kills bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, fleas and slugs.
Mosquito Dunks -- Summit Chemocal
Kills Mosquitoes Before They’re Old Enough To Bite!®. The Mosquito Dunks® are America’s best selling home owner mosquito control product.
ProCare -- Insecticide and Termiticide Bifenthrin
Pro Care Fire Ant Killer is a ready to use granular insecticide that when applied properly will treat mounds of fire ants and harvester ants in turfgrass and keep them away for the entire season.
Wellmark (Central Life Sciences) -- Enstar® AQ and Mavrik Aguaflow
The Wellmark division at Central Life Sciences offers insect growth regulators and adulticides to provide operators the tools they need to help protect their products.
Bio Spot Active Care -- Total Flea & Tick Protection.
Bio Spot Active Care™ products are here to give pet parents all they need to proactively care for their pets health and well-being.
Morrison's -- Tree Seal
Morrison's TREE SEAL is a fast, effective dressing designed to aid healing of pruning cuts, grafts, abrasions, and wounds on woody plants and trees.
Serenade Garden (Bayer Cropscience) -- Organic broad spectrum disease control
With SERENADE Garden, you can effectively treat the diseases in your garden without worrying about the safety of your family and pets or the effects of harsh pesticides in your yard and garden.
St. Gabriel Organics -- Natural Lawn & Garden Products
St. Gabriel Organics manufactures a complete line of 100% natural and organic lawn care and household products.
Worry Free -- Pesticide Products
WORRY FREE products have been carefully selected for their low or reduced risks to people, pets, and the environment. These products are certified organic!
PF Harris -- solving today’s pest problems
America's Oldest EPA-Registered Company. Harris earned its famous reputation a long time ago with a unique and effective product containing a special lure that is irresistible to hungry roaches: The Harris Famous Roach Tablets.
A.M. Leonard -- Horticultural Tool and Supply
Founded in 1885 by Ashbel Merrel Leonard, A.M. Leonard is the leader in the horticultural tool and supply business with emphasis on doing business the "old fashioned way".
Frazee Leisure -- Tree Paint Pest & Disease Control.
Apply to damaged surface of tree to improve the health of the tree. Commonly applied after pruning, at locations where tree bark has been damaged or animals have rubbed off bark.
Get Lost Wasp! (FMI Brands) -- Natural Wasp Deterrent
Simply hang your Get Lost Wasp! in an area that is frequented by wasps, yellowjackets or hornets and the territorial insects will detect an existing nest and flee to another area.
Green Light -- Plant Care
Green Light® products help homeowners create beautiful lawns and gardens while promoting growth and controlling unwanted insects, weeds and diseases.
Orange Guard -- Insecticide and Residual Repellent
Orange Guard is an all natural broad ranged contact insecticide and residual repellent. Orange Guard may be used around food, humans and pets.
Rebel Brands (Time Out) -- Organic Pesticides
American Brand Time Out for Termites -- Eco-friendly formula consists of natural oil essences using nature's most powerful weapon that kills termites by destroying their central nervous system.
Skeeter Defeater (Outdoor Solutions) -- Mosquito Defense
The Skeeter Defeater does more to help fight against mosquitoes by spraying when mosquitoes are most active, at Dusk and Dawn. And the best part? It sprays automatically.
Spalding Labs (Pre-Strike) -- Mosquito Torpedoes
The active ingredient in Mosquito Torpedoes (S-Methoprene) is an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) that affect mosquitoes at every life stage prior to emergence.
Sulfodene (Farnam) -- Remedy Products
The Sulfodene® line has expanded to include a variety of remedy products, all formulated with ingredients recommended by veterinarians.
Tree-Mate-O -- Safeguard Nursery Products
Promotes proper tree development and stronger trees. Tree-Mate-O Tree & Plant Guard is great for protecting the base of young trees.
Lebanon Seaboard -- Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control Brands
Our brands include products for lawn fertilization, weed control, combination products, as well as disease and grub control.
Dekko Manufacturing -- For control of Silverfish.
Dekko packs are an easy and economical way to control and eliminate Silverfish.
Doc Farwell's -- Damage Seal & Heal Green
Light green colored formula provides a flexible durable coating for tree wounds. Elastic brush-on coatings prevent drying of tissue while allowing growth and healing.
Drexel -- leader in product formulation development.
Most comprehensive lines of agricultural chemicals available. Growers know that they can depend on Drexel for consistent quality at an affordable price.
D-Worm -- Farnam Pet Products
For over 50 years, Farnam has been the first choice of consumers when purchasing products for companion pets.
Tanglefoot -- Paste Bird Repellent
This clear, non-drying, sticky compound is used to discourage birds from landing on all types of surfaces.
Sunforce -- Solar Lawn & Garden
Sunforce Products Inc. is a leader in the renewable energy industry, manufacturing and distributing both solar and wind powered products.
TreeKote (Walter E. Clark & Son) -- Tree Wound Dressing
"Treekote" Tree Wound Dressing is an Asphalt based emulsion formulated to protect trees after pruning or accidental damage.
Wilt-Pruf -- Organic Plant Protection
The safe way to reduce moisture loss when plants are under water stress due to: winter kill; windburn; drought; transplant shock.

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BFG Supply:  Lawn & Garden Retail Product Catalog
Founded in 1972, BFG Supply has a long history of serving professional growers, lawn & garden centers, landscapers, and indoor growing stores. BFG is a true single source supplier for all of your Green Industry products and supplies.

BWI Companies: Agricultural solution provider, distributor
BWI distributes lawn & garden - horticultural - turf products to garden centers, greenhouse growers, nursery growers, landscapers, lawn & landcare companies, golf courses and other related outlets.

Griffin Supplies:  Partner to horticulture professionals
Family Owned & Operated Since 1947, we represent the industry’s leading breeders and producers - Top lawn & garden center merchandise supplier in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.


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