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Integrated Store Systems: Tablet / Handheld Computer
Featued @ Show -- M3W Tablet; This powerful tablet features a hot-swap battery capability so it never shuts down. MC66 Handheld Computer; this small, powerful, easy-to-use device enables store personnel to easily accomplish purchasing, receiving, deliveries, product search, item maintenance, sales orders, line busting and online order management.

gardenUP: Choose your garden in 3 easy steps
An online landscape design platform tailored for the garden center customer to use in-store for an instantly purchasable garden plan. gardenUP is built specifically to help garden centers streamline their garden design process.

Clarity Connect -- Website & Marketing Solutions for the Horticulture Industry
Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of horticulture companies of all sizes improve their marketing, productivity, and most importantly sales. We take the time to listen to our customers to get a clear understanding of their issues and opportunities. We combine our experience, creativity, and technology to develop innovative, practical solutions to meet our clients' business objectives. We make it Easy!

Dynascape Software -- Software Solutions for Landscape Professionals
DynaSCAPE Software has been providing technology solutions to the landscape industry since 1998. Discover how our design and business management solutions can bring your landscape business to a whole new level of professionalism.

SBI Software -- Small Business Innovations
A privately held enterprise and mobile software development company headquartered in Portland, OR. Core products include business management software for the horticulture industry: SBI Software for Growers and SBI Software for Garden Centers. The newest application is a mobile development platform based on SQL queries, called MofuMobi.

Pro Landscape (Drafix Software) -- Bring Your Design Ideas to Life
The best-selling landscape design software for today's landscape professional. Designers easily see the benefits of integrating PRO Landscape into their design process to increase sales and improve both design quality and overall customer satisfaction.

PlantANT -- Upload images to your PlantANT inventory
PlantAPP allows you to upload images to your PlantANT inventory from your mobile phone or tablet. This is by far the easiest and quickest way to get images online where thousands of customers can see them.

GrowIt! Mobile -- Plant a garden. Grow a community
GrowIt! (TM) The Plant Community - On GrowIt! you can connect with people to find inspiration for your next plant project, get your questions answered, and have your plants identified. We also host plant and seed giveaways. Join the community.

Epicor Software -- Business Inspired
Your goal is to deliver an outstanding experience to your customers every time, and to be prosperous in the process. With Epicor, you are free to focus on core business activities, inspiring you to visualize and realize the opportunities that technology, deftly applied, can create for your business.

UDS Green Industry Software -- Supports green industry companies
Software for Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape and Garden Center Companies UDS Green Industry Software the Company supports green industry companies using ActiveApplications (AA) software. AA was designed and written as industry specific set of accounting and business control applications for the green industry.

Equipment Tracking Solutions -- Digital equipment tracking
We offer innovative digital equipment tracking programs managed through simple mobile apps available on your smart phone! Managing equipment, tools and other devices in the field requires knowing where they are at all times. Quickly identify the precise location of every fixed or movable asset in your business.

LandOpt -- Become Powered by LandOpt
LandOpt's focus is on helping independent landscape contractors increase revenue, profitability and long-term growth through a powerful portfolio of business systems, products and processes that focus on the key areas of Sales, Operations, Business Management, Human Resources and Marketing.

Plant & Supply Locator -- Uniting Buyers & Sellers
The Plant & Supply Locator and its divisions simply provide the most complete and powerful services offerings in the Green Industry. Since it's beginning, the Locator has been driven by a single vision: To Unite the Green Industry. Over the last 2 decades, The Locator has invested in developing more and more services, delivering on our commitment of supporting our friends and partners in the Green Industry.

GPS Fleet Consulting -- The best GPS Tracking System the world has to offer
We provide GPS fleet tracking systems to monitor your fleet, driver behavior, track fuel, track time sheets, and provide fleet management. Our philosophy proves that a GPS fleet tracking solution is only effective if implemented and managed correctly.


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