TPIE Tropical Plant Expo (FNGLA) .... January 17 - 19, 2024
    THE trade event showcasing latest trends in foliage, floral and tropicals


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    Aura Botanical Company


    Coliseum Studio

    Concrete Decor SAS

    The Cycad Society

    Division of Plant Industry

    East Garden

    Ecoslider USA

    El Rey Pottery

    Elburg-Smit Labels

    Florinia, Inc.


    Gardino Nursery



    Interior Plant World

    JT Carriers

    Kanjarin Greens

    The Liner Farm

    LinerPlugs Unlimited

    Longite, Inc.

    Market Botany

    Mike Flora International

    Miller Marketing & Training

    Mobilane, USA

    Morris Interior Foliage

    The Natural Moss

    ONF Co., Ltd

    Pahokee Growers

    Perfect Plants

    Pots Planters & More

    Propagation Diaries

    S&S Tree Farm

    Ship My Plants

    Sorensen Greenhouses

    Tropical Earth

    Tropical Growers


    Wells Crop Insurance Agency


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