GardenComm Expo

August 26 through August 30 - Grand Rapids, MI
Connect, Learn, Grow ... GardenComm Annual Conference & Expo
2024 Annual Conference Presented by Proven Winners® ColorChoice®

Join us in person as we celebrate 75 years of GardenComm in Grand Rapids, MI -- We'll have more details to come so watch your GardenComm communications for more information. GardenComm provides opportunities for education, recognition, career development and a forum for wide-ranging interactions and collaborations for professionals in the field of gardening communication.

Last Year we celebrated 75 years of in-person at our biggest annual event 

  • 12 Educational Sessions & Workshops
  • Hosted Evening Photo Shoot & Dinner at the Bailey Nurseries Display Garden sponsored by Endless Summer® Hydrangeas
  • Bonus Session - National Garden Bureau's What's New for 2024
  • NEW Content Marketing Panel Discussion -  with Garden Center Conference & GardenComm panelists
  • NEW Hosted Sponsors Luncheon & 10 Minute Talk-Times
  • Garden Tours & Early Morning Photo Shoot
  • Honors & Awards Banquet with 75th Anniversary Celebration
  • Access to the Garden Center Conference's Exhibit Hall
  • Session Recordings and Virtual Access with Pitch the Editors 
  • All inclusive pass is $350 for GardenComm members with installment options available

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Review 2022 Sessions at a Glance

Marketing & Growing Your Business
  • Personal Branding: Standing Out from the Crowd presented by Helen Battersby - Learn what a personal brand is and how to map out yours in a way that sticks with your audience.
  • Travel and Garden Writing for Professionals presented by Patterson Webster - Enlarge your market and learn tips and tools you need to make each garden visit benefit you professionally.
  • Show Me the Money! Increase Revenue from Online Content presented by Nan Sterman and Noelle Johnson - Veteran garden communicators share a three-pronged approach to re-envisioning their businesses to better meet audience needs and create new revenue streams.
  • Marketing Magic for Freelance Garden Writers presented by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter - This long-time, award-winning freelance writer shares practical, effective tips for growing your garden-writing – or editing, proofreading, photography, illustration, etc. – business.
Gardening for the Environment
  • Sustainability Isn't Scary! Using the Power of Your Platform to Lure People to the Greener Side presented by Amy Mullen - How to communicate about sustainability with those who are skeptical, dismissive, or feel overwhelmed by climate change.
  • Climate Resilient Gardens – Options and Solutions presented by Debra Knapke - Discover ideas, practices and techniques for creating resilient landscapes in this time of change.
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes presented by Margery Daughtery - A lighthearted but science-based session in which newbies to seasoned gardeners can learn to identify and control plant diseases – and communicate this with the public – emphasizing non-chemical methods.
  • Lessons from a Green Roof – Creating Habitats for Pollinators presented by Louise Clarke - From insect/plant interactions to construction requirements, find out how well-designed green roof habitats and related techniques can replace areas lost to human development of land.
Soil Matters
  • Underground Information: The Rhizophagy Cycle and Endophytic Bacteria presented by Jeff Lowenfels - Hear the latest dirt about the soil food web works. Discover what the future has in store for using biologics instead of synthetics in fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Soil Fungi as Biofertilizers for Houseplants presented by Sarah Emery - Learn about potential benefits for foliage plants of relatively unknown arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). Professor Emery explains how AMF might lower maintenance costs and synthetic fertilizer use, and help owners be happier houseplant parents of plants like Aglaonema, Sedum, and Coleus.
The Write Stuff
  • Word Play: How to Write Engaging Headlines and Captions presented by Teresa Woodard - Break down the elements of a magnetic headline, explore some winning examples and discover steps to writing catchy headlines that will make readers want to read on.
Capitalizing on Garden News & Trends
  • How Gardens Heal and Other Recent Trends in Youth Gardening presented by Em Shipman - From blog topics to social media, learn how to share the critical importance of youth gardening programs in communities as a way to heal, learn, and grow.
  • Translating Trends: Content Creator Tips for Taking 2023 Trends from Buzz to Blogospher and Beyond! presented by Becky Paxton, Garden Media Group, and Laura Boissonnault, How’s It Growing? and Corrina Murray, Plant Development Services Inc. - Deep dive into the top takeaways beneath the trends.- Deep dive into the top takeaways beneath the trends.
  • Roadmap to Plant Introductions presented by Ryan McEnaney and David Roberts, Bailey Innovations. - From conception to introduction, gain an all-encompassing understanding of what it takes to bring truly different and better plants to market.
Garden Photography & Videography
  • An Immersive Experience in Horticultural Videography presented by Adriana Robinson, Spring Meadow Nursery - Learn what’s on the horizon for video, what’ll be the next big thing, and how to prepare. Find out what kinds of videos are most-watched, and how to create them.
  • Photos with Thought & Emotion – Going Beyond Clichés presented by Cris Blackstone - Become a more confident, successful photographer as you learn why some photos grab attention and deliver the real story you want to tell with your nature, landscape and flower photos.
Panel Discussions
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Pitching Books and Articles
NEW! Spanish Sessions
  • Siembra Tú Propio Campo de Oportunidades | Growing Your Own Field of Opportunities panel discussion led by Eduardo Barba Gómez - Learn first-hand about the culture and horticultural interest in Spain; opportunities for specialization in garden communication; and what new doors have been opened in the field of horticulture and communication.
  • Florece la variedad de narrativas sobre jardinería en medios y redes sociale | A Variety of Gardening Narratives Blooms in the Media Landscape panel discussion led by Pierre Dénommé - Meet new colleagues from diverse backgrounds whose work is inspiring and is driving Spanish-Speaking audiences to garden more. They will also share their content creation processes on different media platforms; their experience building community; and their relationship with brands.
Bonus Session
  • New Plant Introductions – Direct from the Breeders presented by Diane Blazek, National Garden Bureau - Get an exclusive peek at the newest of the new plants NGB breeders are introducing for the 2023 garden season.


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